Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Jonah Lomu

  Jonah Lomu was a good rugby player. When Jonah Lomu was 14 he was 6ft 4 and he used to be a forward because he was big, but one day he had got better at playing Rugby then they watched him play and  he started tackling everyone over and scoring trys. One day he had been ask to play for the All Blacks when he was only 19 that is a young age. When he played for the the All Blacks his passion was winger, he was pretty good, he was scoring trys and no one could tackle him but then South Africa set up a plan to tackle him. It was four people on one. They jumped on his back and the rest on his legs, he couldn't score trys. Jonah Lomu is a Rugby legend because he was that good he was indestructible.

Monday, 14 March 2016


Hi, I'm Bradley this is about hockey  Reagan taught us how to do the Indian dribble and to juggle.The thing I like is the games we play. I like to learn different stuff that we don't know and we can learn better about hokey. I like to dribble the ball around me and to dribble around my legs it was hard when I first started then I got better at doing it then I could do it properly. It was relay but I enjoyed it it was pretty fun.