Wednesday, 25 May 2016

I'm am blogging about this because I have done a lot of work in this bio poem and want to share it with everyone

Bio poem.
Sporty, angry, happy
Brother/ of Caleb , Kellea
Son/ of Pumba , Rachel
Funny, lover of rugby , sports , my Family
Who fears IT, the Clown
Who needs his dog’s back, fish back, scooter
Who wishes for a billion dollars, a big flash skate park and a big rugby field
Who would like to see the All Blacks and Logovii Mulipola , and the world's biggest water park
Who gives his best in rugby,
money to the SPCA and money to people who are homeless.
Citizen of Hastings, New Zealand



  1. good bio poem good work bradley

  2. Love the work i like how you have put i try my best in rugby that is very true keep it up

  3. love the work Bradley keep it up

  4. Awesome Bradley! You have made it look stunning and you have included
    nice things. I also like how you put heaps of effort into it! :)

    Keep Up The Great Work

  5. Nehemiah lauvaoTuesday, July 05, 2016

    Nice work Bradley keep up the good work

  6. Nice job Bradley,I would like to have a billion dollars to.
    Good work!