Monday, 12 September 2016


I have been learning all about graphs, My graphs are about sports.

Mrs Hinde’s Maths Challenge.

1 Finish creating all three graphs and send them to yourself.  The last graph is NOT a bar graph.

2 Put your first graph (Countries/medals) onto a doc.  

3 Write four statements about your graph.
Eg There were ______ medals in total
USA was the most by _______ medal.
4 Write four number stories  showing difference. Use the data from the graph. Show your working.

Eg 153-38=  120
    155-40= 115

5 Repeat steps 2-4 on a different graph.
    Boys = Red       Girls = green        

Boys Like Rugby the most

Girls like Netball more than boys
Boys like the least of running
Girls like hockey the least
No boys like running

The difference between girls who like netball and boys is

The difference between Boys who like Rugby than girls is  
12 - 6 = 6

The difference between Girls who like soccer than boys
8-5= 3
The difference between boys who like Hockey than Girls
The difference between Girls who like running then boys

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